Level10 was founded in 2011 with one goal: let’s use technology to make things simpler. Since then, the company has been been developing and delivering products to make forecasting easier for businesses and accountants alike.

In January 2012, Level10 was in the first group of businesses selected to take part in the Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator in Glasgow.

Level10’s founder, Kevin Cowan, is a management accountant with years of experience in both finance and IT. Passionate about cloud computing and frustrated by the lack of tools available to help businesses deal with critical functions such as cashflow forecasting and management, Kevin set out to create his own. From this, IRIS Insight was born – innovative forecasting software developed with a ‘business first’ approach.

IRIS Insight by Level10 is innovative, insightful and straightforward. It is not a bloated, complicated, ‘old school’ accountancy package. It has been designed to be intuitive so that anyone can use it, regardless of financial training.

IRIS Insight is the future of complementary accounting software. Based on the cloud, IRIS Insight will be the ‘go to’ tool for anyone who wants to get more from their data, make smarter business decisions, and have the ability to forecast more accurately.