Grow advisory services

Help your clients plan their businesses more effectively and quickly identify any obstacles they may face.

IRIS Insight provides you with a platform for providing advisory services such as cashflow planning, tax planning and virtual Finance Director services.

closer client relationships

IRIS Insight gives you the opportunity to work closely with clients on the future direction of their business.

You play an integral role in their success and provide valued advice when its needed.

Differentiate your practice

With more clients and firms moving to the cloud you need to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

IRIS Insight helps you retain and win clients by offering insight and enables you to provide additional services.


IRIS Insight - valuable for accountancy practices and small businesses

Whether you are a small business or an accountancy practice, IRIS Insight can prove extremely valuable.

For small businesses, IRIS Insight can forecast cashflow and highlight issues well ahead of them happening, enabling businesses to react quickly. The software provides an easy way for small businesses to manage cashflow. Using the what if scenario planning tool, businesses can model solutions to problems and plan for the future.

For accountancy practices, IRIS Insight can create P&L, balance sheet and cashflow forecasts in minutes. Accountants can provide more advisory services including cashflow management, business health checks, Finance Director services, assistance in funding applications, and tax planning to name a few, all using the various features of IRIS Insight

IRIS Insight also offers the Accountants Portal to all accountancy practices. This means accountants can keep all their clients' forecasts and cashflow planning scenarios in one place, easily switching from client to client - saving hours of time.

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