Streamlined data-flow ambition

Our mission at IRIS is to help Accountants be more efficient and productive when using our solutions. This liberates their time to focus on adding value to their clients with new services such as business and financial advice. 

To do this we’ve focussed on a specific ambition – how can we reduce the amount of data that needs to be entered manually to achieve a specific goal? One of the ways of achieving that is to connect to the source data and make the data-flow as seamless as possible.

KashFlow Connect integration

Accountants who use IRIS Accounts Production and whose clients use KashFlow bookkeeping already enjoy the benefits of this seamless data-flow which includes functions to:

• Import the trial balance data directly
• Drill-down and update the underlying transactions
• Use the IRIS nominal codes to reduce the mapping process

Building on this integration, we introduced the ability for Accountants who use IRIS Insight to efficiently manage multiple KashFlow accounts using KashFlow Connect.

Xero integration

This seamless data-flow has now been extended to offer similar benefits to IRIS Accountants whose clients use Xero as their bookkeeping solution. This integration with the IRIS Insight forecasting and reporting solution allows Accountants to:
• Connect to Xero to create Cash Flow, Profit and Loss (P&L) and Balance Sheet forecasts using data from the prior year
• Synchronise data with Xero to keep track of actual performance against forecast

The result is a more efficient process for Accountants when clients are using either KashFlow or Xero as their bookkeeping solution. To see the integration with Xero in action watch the short video here

Better connected

IRIS Insight users already benefit from capabilities such as cash flow forecasting, performance reporting, what-if analysis and business planning. Now with the seamless data-flow from the integration with Xero and KashFlow Connect, Accountants can start to benefit from a better and more connected workflow.

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