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IRIS Insight

IRIS Insight

Compliance work such as creating Accounts and producing Tax returns

provides a record of historic performance. IRIS Insight bridges the gap from past performance to future success.

Business advisor platform

IRIS Insight enables business advisers to provide high-value advice to clients using the insight locked away in their data.

By using IRIS Insight, advisers can help clients make smarter business decisions by identifying future problems, helping create solutions and reporting on the impact of those changes.

IRIS Insight is a comprehensive solution that includes profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts with the added benefit of a powerful what-if analysis tool.

Grow Advisory Services

Help your clients plan their businesses more effectively, and quickly identify any obstacles they may face.

IRIS Insight provides a platform for providing advisory services such as cash flow planning, tax planning and virtual Finance Director services.

Closer Client Relationships

Advisers can play an integral role in the clients success and provide the valued advice when it’s needed.

Identify Problems Early

Create profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts quickly and easily. The reports produced by IRIS Insight clearly presents data and highlights where critical problems will occur.

Make Informed Decisions

Advisers can use the powerful what-if functional to model the impact of business changes in seconds, allowing for more informed decisions to be made. See the impact of potential decisions in seconds, make informed choices and ensure you always stay on top of your cash flow.

Stay On Track

IRIS Insight enables advisers to track actual financial performance against forecast.

Review progress, make updates and collaborate with your clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Differentiate Your Practice

With ever increasing competition and fee pressure for compliance compliance work, providing added value services is becoming more important to clients. IRIS Insight helps you retain existing clients and attract new ones by providing a platform for offering advisory services.